Beat the Heat Hydration Seminar

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Beat the Heat Hydration Seminar-
Thursday, August 13, 6:30 to 8pm
The Wheel Yoga Studio

Hot Hot Heat got you down? Ever wonder why some people seem to handle the warm temps better, while you are left huffing and puffing and melting? It’s not all about pre-disposition, there are some key techniques that anyone can employ to help your body adapt and perform even when the temperatures soar. Don’t let the sweltering summer keep you from enjoying the things you love! You don’t have to go into summer hibernation until cooler temps take hold in the fall. Join us Thursday evening with Camelbak and Cliff Nutrition Specialist Jason Erfling and learn how to properly fuel your body, as well as other tactics that can help keep you comfortable and safe on all but the worst of days. This class is FREE and there is valuable information for anyone who enjoys spending time outside, from recreational to the competitive. We’ll discuss electrolyte balance, cramping, intake needs, and much more.

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Women’s Racing Association of Kansas City



The Women’s Racing Association of Kansas City (WRAKC) is a local organization seeking to promote women’s cycling and racing and advance the sport of women’s road racing. This is a new, grass-roots organization with a primary focus of growing and improving the sport of road racing for women. For 2015-2016 WRAKC is working to provide a unified voice in the issues that affect women’s racing, and play an active role in rider recruitment and advancement. We have many great things planned and feel confident that this can be a great vehicle to improve the sport for new and seasoned racers, but we need your help!

This is organization is run through the cooperation of the women’s teams in the metro and surrounding areas. WRAKC would like to invite your team to be involved and have a voice by electing a representative to the WRAKC board. Not sure if you or your team qualify?

  • Any team with one or more female road racer on their roster may elect a Team Representative to the WRAKC board.
  • Teams must be from KC metro and their surrounding areas (Lawrence, Topeka, Warrensburg, etc) up to 100 miles give or take
  • Team Representatives must have an active USAC license
  • Team Representatives should have an interest in improving women’s racing by being a positive ambassador of the sport and encouraging other women
  • Team Representatives may have any level of racing experience, from beginning Cat 4 to Cat1
  • If a team has more than one woman (Yay!) the additional racers would be WRAKC members
  • WRAKC members do not need to have an active race license

The primary goal of the Women’s Racing association is to grow the sport of road racing among women and to provide a unified voice for female racers in interacting with local governing bodies and race promoters to improve the quality and equality of races in the area. Our strategy is to encourage women to try racing and help them develop the skills needed through clinics and women focused training rides. Through this we hope to see larger field sizes in local races, and moving forward a larger field of KC area racers who travel regionally.  Larger field sizes give us a louder voice with promoters. We hope to use this voice to encourage promoters to offer more women’s fields (not just a single Open field) and work toward more races with deeper payout for women in relationship to the field size as is appropriate with the race category. This is a team-neutral, grass roots approach, but it will require the cooperation and assistance of as many wonderful women as we can get!

To join WRAKC you can get started by visiting the Facebook group Women’s Racing Association of Kansas City and selecting “Join Group” We’ll be posting information about our next meeting soon, where we will finalize Team Representatives and other positions. To elect your Team Representative, you can reply to this email with the following info:

  • Team Name
  • Team Representative Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
cornering clinic
Look at all these great ladies from all different teams all over the city! Some wonderful racers and aspiring racers as well!

Thank you!

Jennifer Lowe

WRAKC Representative


A Little Perspective

Monday after a big race weekend can be a little underwhelming. Between the sunburn, fatigue, head-ache, muscle soreness, and dehydration, it can all be a bit reminiscent of a hangover after a weekend tol sundaybender. On top of that, there’s the mental aspect-now that the dust has settled, how do you feel about how it all played out? Could you have done better? Unless you came out with the Big W, you will probably come to the conclusion that you wish you had done better. Did you give yourself the best chance, and did you give it everything you had with the hand that you held? And once you wrap your mind around the day’s events you start thinking about the bigger picture—is what I am doing, day in and day out, helping me get to where I want to be? Who do I have to blame if I blow off a hard day because of the heat- no sense being mad about tol ladies zone w-upthat if you pay the price on race day. At this point that hangover is rolling in pretty strong, and it’s time to really take a step back. Sometimes we get our face so close to the mirror all you can see is your cross-eyed peepers. So look at the big picture. Have you done this event before? If so, did you perform better this year What about your average speed? Are you starting to feel more comfortable in the pack or in the turns? Sometimes we get frustrated at the pace of our progress, and forget to celebrate that progress is a victory. Let’s face it, most of us are older athletes with only o much energy and time to divert into “training.” And yes, I use quotes around training because really, riding should still be fun most days. Racing should be fun—It IS FUN! And I don’t know about you, but no matter how *I* may feel about my performance, I will never have to face a phone call from my coach or sponsor or whatever, saying they are disappointed in the performance and they are pulling the plug on my Nike deal! Even better, no matter where you are in your ability level, there is SOMEONE who is in awe of what you can do, and is working hard to get where you are now.

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Part 1 Cross Training This Saturday!

Join Jen this Saturday from 1p-3p for Part 1 ~Cross Training of our 3 part Training Series.

Each of these workshops offers a diverse exciting look on how to maximize your training and fitness,while remaining injury free. This is full body approach focusing on maintaining balance and longevity. Take a look at the three and see if one or all is something you would enjoy. These target all levels of athletes, cyclist, runners and all around active people.

To register follow the link or give us a call at 816-455-2453. Space is limited so pre-registration is encouraged but not required.

Part 1- Cross Training

Winter and Spring are the perfect time to work out the muscular imbalances that can leave cyclists and runners injury prone. In this class we will focus on exercises that will make you a stronger cyclist or runner, including core, upper body strengthening, power and explosiveness for your lower body, along with stability for your entire body.

Codie Lea from Bodywork Bliss and Wellness will be speaking at the conclusion of the workshop about the impact of massage on training.

Wear workout clothes and shoes. Bring a towel and waterbottle.

Bike Love- Women’s Maintenance Clinic

Bike Love

Get ready for spring riding and show your bike some love!  Did you know that a clean drivetrain is more efficient, functions better, and lasts longer than a dirty, greasy one? All that extra gunk creates friction that can shorten the lifespan of your components and keep things from functioning as well as they should!

In this fun, hands-on clinic you will learn:

  • What exactly IS the “drivetrain”??
  • The proper names of all the doo-dads and whats-its in your drivetrain
  • What maintenance is involved, and how often should you do it?
  • how to properly de-gunk your drivetrain
  • How do I know which lubricant is right for my bike?

Come prepared to get a little dirty, and leave with the know-how to show your bike some love!

bike maintenance croppedSaturday, February 21, 2015 1pm-3pm

@The Wheel Cyclery

With Special Swag from Liv Bicycles!


Workshop!- Resistance Flexibility Training for Athletes: 16 Essential Stretches

There comes a time when all athletes develop stiffness, tightness, or injuries. This is especially common among athletes who specialize- as repetitive movements can create imbalances and areas of tightness or inflammation pull the body out of alignment. Eventually this can lead to overuse injuries that can sidetrack your progress, or worse, sideline you completely. A comprehensive stretching program can be an asset to any athlete’s training program by helping to prevent injury and diversifying the workload on the muscles.

Join Us
at The Wheel Yoga Studio

Resistance Flexibility Training for Athletes:16 Essential Stretches

Saturday, October 18

1:00-3:00 p.m.
$30.00 workshop fee
with Linda Yameen CYI

In this introductory workshop we will focus on 16 essential stretches based on Bob Cooley’s work in The Genius of Flexibility. His program, RFT or Cooley Yoga is used by athletes from all over the world to enhance performance. Specifically we will-
* practice 8 upper body and 8 lower body stretches
*learn a specific energy flow that affects all the major muscles groups in the body
* discover which organs are affected in the flow according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

5 Truths About Stretching
-everyone can become more flexible
– stretching is not about the muscles, but about stripping
the excess fascia from the body
-muscles don’t stretch the way most people believe they
do; you must continuously contract the muscle while
lengthening it
– stretching is one of the most effective self help preventive
-stretching can be an exercise that gives you the vigorous workout that you need

More info HERE

Reserve your space and register HERE

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Liv Women’s Events- THIS WEEKEND!

It is that time of year again- 2015 bikes are beginning to make their debut! This year’s Mountain and Road bike demo promises to be bigger and better than ever! With three days of events there is something fantastic for everyone, especially the ladies. You know we take care of our ladies!

Friday, August 22, 2014
Women’s 3F’s and Basic Bike Maintenance Clinic
6:00- 8:30 pm-3F’s (Fit, Form & Function) Learn how to pick out the best bike for your riding style and ability along with learning about Liv’s 2015 line up!
-Basic bike maintenance covers bike parts, how to perform a safety check, basic day to day maintenance, how to troubleshoot issues on the road and trail side, how to change a flat tire and remove/reinstall a rear wheel!
-Refreshments and fun swag will be provided!

Saturday, August 23, 2014
End Summer Sale and Barbecue
10:00-3:00 pm-Special Pricing on Giant bikes, Saris car racks, Mavic clothing and wheels and much much more
-Hot dogs and refreshments
-Flat repair class (men and women!) 1pm
-Free Kid’s bike safety checks all day

Sunday, August 24, 2014
@Stocksdale Park 901 S. Lafrenz Rd Liberty MO 64068

Liv Women’s Road and Mountain Bike Demo 
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
-Liv’s 2015 mountain and road bikes will be available to demo.

Women’s No-Drop Mountain Bike Ride


-Liv will be leading a No Drop Group Mountain Bike Ride, if you are interested in trying a Liv 2015 bike for this ride please sign up at Wheel Cyclery and arrive early to be fitted on the bike.

GIANT Bicycles Road and Mountain Bike Demo
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
-Giant’s 2015 mountain and road bikes will be available to demo.
-Both road and mountain bike courses will be laid out
-Refreshments provided!
-Please bring your helmet, shoes, credit card and ID to ride a bike.

Check out the flyer for details, or for the most up to date info check out the event pages at The Wheel Cyclery on Facebook


LIVTheWheelCyclerydemo2014 – Flyer!


Thanks to everyone who volunteered and raced this year’s edition of Wyco’s Revenge!

The evening was a success! Fun was had by all. We could not have asked for better weather on a Saturday evening in August. Despite the high humidity as the evening progressed the temperatures cooled off and there was very few bugs!

The Hellcat Ladies Rocked the food! Thank you Ladies! Trail Masons Thank You for such a beautiful course! We love it!

The 2014 season of promoting has come to an end for The Wheel and Cowtown Cycling. Be on the look out for what is to come for events this Fall (sshhh maybe some cool Gravel Grinders:) as well as the 2015 Season!

Results are below!

Sprint 1 Lap Results

XC 2 Lap Results

Marathon 4 Lap Results

Hellcat Racing- Sponsor of Wyco’s Revenge Mountain Bike Race

Hello Hellcats!

Summer is in full swing and this has been a very fun and exciting cycling season! If you haven’t had a chance to pick up your Hellcat jersey, don’t worry! There are still a few in stock, as well as shorts to match if you want to go Full Hellcat! People love seeing the jerseys and we’ve gotten quite a few compliments on them so thank you for representing and supporting our group. 

We’ve had a lot of fun in our race training program, the girls have come such a long way. They hellcat truman cupare more comfortable and confident, stronger, faster, and handling their bikes better than ever. Toni and Heidi have done two races so far, and have done really well. Now we are looking at the late-season calendar to find their next target race. If you would like to try racing, don’t be shy! Let us know and we can help get you prepared and pick out an event.



We have a very exciting opportunity next weekend (Saturday August 9th 5p-10p) to be one of the sponsors of Wyco’s Revenge Mountain Bike Race. As a registered club and race team, USACycling requires us to promote/sponsor at least one cycling event per year, whether that be WycosRev2013--245-X3a road race, mountain bike race, or charity ride. Doing so allows us to have our club events, rides and clinics insured, and any racers can have our team name on their license. We’ve arranged for The Hellcats to support the Wyco’s Revenge mountain bike race in cooperation with another sponsor by providing food for the racers that evening. We’ll have a planning meeting after the Monday night ride (7:45p, Aug 4th) to discuss details and coordinate volunteers. We’d like to have a taco bar, so we need 2-3 people to man the food tent, Heather and I will cook the majority of the food beforehand. If you can’t attend the race you could still help by baking a big batch of brownies or cookies, or making guacamole, or something like that, just to give a few ideas.

This is a great opportunity to spread some awareness about our group, reach out to more riders, and build our notoriety as a club- plus it will be a lot of fun- so I hope you will join us and help us with this fun event!